Transportation & Logistics Contracts

Comprehensive Legal Services for Transportation & Logistics Companies

The attorneys at Mitchell - Handschuh Law Group, LLC assist transportation and logistics companies with a wide range of situations involving commercial contracts and agreements. Our services include contract review, drafting, and negotiation. From our office in Atlanta, Georgia, we provide full-service representation for transportation and logistics companies throughout the United States.

Freight Transportation Contract Drafting, Review & Negotiation

By the nature of their businesses, our clients encounter many contracts relating to freight transportation and logistics. We assist clients with all types of contracts specific to the transportation sector of the economy, including:

  • Shipper-carrier contracts
  • Shipper-broker contracts
  • Broker-carrier contracts
  • Co-broker contracts
  • Drayage contracts
  • Multimodal transportation contracts
  • Rail contracts
  • Transload contracts
  • Ocean carrier service agreements
  • NVOCC service agreements
  • Warehousing contracts
  • Cross-docking contracts
  • Terminal agreements
  • Customs brokerage contracts
  • Equipment leases
  • Owner-operator contracts
  • Equipment purchase contracts
  • Equipment sales and leasebacks
  • Port-terminal operations contracts
  • Employment contracts
  • Severance agreements
  • Independent agent / agency contracts
  • Noncompete agreements
  • Nonsolicitation agreements
  • Nondisclosure / confidentiality agreements
  • Limitation of liability contracts
  • Hold harmless / indemnity contracts

When our attorneys review or draft a transportation contract, our work includes identifying potential issues for the client and addressing specific provisions of critical importance. If we negotiate an agreement for a client, we work assertively to resolve issues, anticipate common claims, and pursue terms favorable to the client.

Business Transactions & Agreements

Contracts and business agreements define every commercial transaction, including those unrelated to a company’s primary transportation business but essential to operation of the business. We provide our clients with legal support for these other business transactions.

Examples of these types of contracts include:

  • Commercial real estate leases
  • Corporate documents and consents
  • Annual minutes
  • Asset purchase agreements
  • Vendor and contractor agreements
  • Web design agreements
  • End User License Agreements (EULAs)
  • Intellectual property licensing contracts
  • Joint marketing agreements
  • Lending agreements
  • Security agreements
  • Promissory notes
  • Personal guaranty

Our attorneys review and draft all types of business agreements and contracts for our clients. In many cases, we assist the client from the beginning of a business transaction to define the relationship and finalize the terms in a written agreement. In those situations, we initially work closely with the client to develop a term sheet that includes the rights and obligations of both parties. After we finalize the term sheet with the client, we draft an agreement that includes all those terms.

We frequently negotiate the terms of the contract on behalf of the client. This process ensures that the written agreement carefully defines the business relationship, clearly describes our client’s obligations, and fully protects the client’s legal rights.

Atlanta, Georgia Freight Transportation & Logistics Company Law Firm

At Mitchell - Handschuh Law Group, our attorneys provide a comprehensive range of legal services for transportation companies. We counsel and represent clients throughout the business cycle in all activities related to handling, arranging, and moving freight as part of transportation and logistics, as well as in non-transportation matters essential to business operations.

Our attorneys welcome inquiries about our contract review and drafting services, as well as our other legal services for transportation companies. We assist clients with legal matters in Metro Atlanta, throughout the State of Georgia, and in other states. Contact us by calling (404) 262-9488 or using our online contact form.