Transportation Claims & Litigation

Comprehensive Legal Services for Freight Companies

The attorneys at Mitchell - Handschuh Law Group, LLC assist transportation and logistics companies with a broad spectrum of issues relating to transportation claims and litigation. From our office in Atlanta, Georgia, we provide full service representation for transportation and logistics businesses throughout the United States.

Our attorneys both pursue and defend against claims and litigation for our clients. Since we do not represent insurance companies, we are not conflicted out of cases on that basis. We solely represent the specific interests of our client, regardless of whether we initiate a claim or case on behalf of a client or represent the client on the defense side.

Cargo Claims

We help our transportation clients with claims involving lost, damaged, or stolen freight at all stages of the claim. We handle matters relating to insurance coverage, claim denial, assertions of exclusions or defenses, and other issues.

Regardless of the stage in the claim process when problems arise, our attorneys assist the client in resolving the claim. We aggressively push back against the insurance company for the client in appropriate cases.

Freight Charge Collections

Our transportation clients frequently extend credit to their customers and in turn seek extensions of credit from their suppliers. Inevitably, some of these transactions fail, either because a debtor party experiences cash flow difficulties or because a cargo claim results in a setoff that propagates along the supply chain.

Our attorneys utilize the legal system to collect nationally on unpaid accounts. Unlike a collections agency, we obtain money judgments in favor of the creditor. Then, we enforce that judgment by lien, garnishment, or other legal means, regardless of the location.

Insurance Coverage Counsel

Our attorneys frequently assist clients with insurance coverage issues and litigation, as well as insurance bad faith matters. As with cargo claim cases, these situations sometimes involve declined claims and assertion of defenses or exclusions.

We aggressively advocate to the insurance company on the client’s behalf when necessary and appropriate. For the client, having counsel assist with navigating through insurance coverage issues can make the difference between securing payment for a claim and being unable to move beyond the claim denial.

Administrative Agency Counsel

We routinely represent clients in federal and state agency administrative actions and proceedings. Our experience and services include handling matters before:

  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Commission / FMCSA: Authority and safety audits and enforcement issues
  • Georgia Department of Labor / GDOL: Independent contractor status, unemployment claims
  • Georgia Department of Revenue / GDOR: Improper tax levies against motor carriers and other transportation entities
  • Georgia Department of Natural Resources: Underground storage tank (UST) regulations (Rule 391-3-15)
  • Georgia Office of State Administrative Hearings / OSAH

Transportation Business Litigation

Our attorneys represent clients in pursuing and defending against a wide range of litigation matters, including (but not limited to) the following types of cases.

Restrictive Covenant Enforcement & Defense

Restrictive covenants, including noncompete agreements and nonsolicitation agreements, are increasingly common in the transportation industry. Our services relating to restrictive covenants go beyond helping clients draft and negotiate them. If a situation arises when a company needs to enforce the provisions of a restrictive company or defend against an action involving the covenant, our attorneys aggressively represent the client in the litigation.

Equipment Litigation

We assist clients with claims relating to clouded or junk equipment title, as well as select claims relating to defective design by final stage commercial vehicle manufacturers and fabricators.

Fair Labor Standards Act / FLSA Claims

Our attorneys represent clients in employment-related litigation, such as claims for unpaid overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).


We assist clients with filing proof of claims, defenses to preference actions, administrative claims, and purchases of debtor assets with trustees.

Atlanta, Georgia Freight Transportation & Logistics Company Law Firm

At Mitchell - Handschuh Law Group, our attorneys provide a comprehensive range of legal services for transportation and logistics companies. We counsel and represent clients throughout the business cycle in all activities related to handling, arranging, and moving freight as part of trucking, transportation, and logistics, as well as in non-transportation matters essential to business operations.

We welcome inquiries about our transportation claims and litigation practice, as well as our other legal services for transportation companies. Our attorneys assist clients with legal matters in Metro Atlanta, throughout the State of Georgia, and in other states. Contact us by calling (404) 262-9488 or using our online contact form.