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Jeremy R. Handschuh

Phone: (404) 262-9488
Jeremy Handschuh is the managing member of Mitchell – Handschuh Law Group. He dedicates his practice to serving the full range of legal needs of companies in transportation and logistics whose businesses involve the transportation of freight, i… Read More
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Amanda I. Elliott

Phone: (404) 262-9488
Amanda joined Mitchell-Handschuh Law Group in 2021 as an associate attorney where she represents clients in the transportation and logistics industry in matters involving cargo claims litigation, contracts, corporate governance, and regulatory compli… Read More
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Emma K. Schott

Phone: (404) 262-9488
Emma Schott is an associate attorney with Mitchell – Handschuh Law Group. She represents clients in the freight and logistics industries in matters involving freight claims and business litigation, collections, corporate governance, and transac… Read More
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